A Free Will Resource via Al Mele

A Philosopher's Take

Al Mele, one of the most distinguished and recognizable philosophers writing on free will has launched a new blog where he plans to field questions and generate discussion a few times a week (see the blog here). He hopes to answer questions related to his last two books where he takes on scientific claims that supposedly lend support to the idea that we do not have free will. Here is a recent quote from Prof. Mele via facebook:

“Here’s something I posted on the Flickers of Freedom blog.

New Blog for Undergraduates

I’ve started a blog dedicated to discussion with undergraduates using either of my two latest books in a course:

A Dialogue on Free Will and Science

Free: Why Science Hasn’t Disproved Free Will

It’s part of an “outreach” idea I had while I was directing the Big Questions in Free Will project. The current…

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