The philosopher in the mirror is you. It’s me. It’s everyone around us.  Humans everywhere are engaged to a greater or lesser degree by many of the deepest questions of philosophy. Do we have free will, and if so, where does it come from? Or does fate reign, with our lives unfolding to some preordained plan? What  is the basis of morality? What makes one thing wrong, and another thing right? What is virtue? Justice? Do we possess immaterial minds, or even everlasting souls? Does God exist, and what does God want us to do?

The answers to these abstract questions can have some surprisingly real-world consequences. And so it would be good to know just why people believe the things they do. At the moment, there’s a serious movement to find out, by researchers from experimental philosophy, social psychology and a number of other disciplines. The aim of this blog is to bring some of this work together, and share it with as many people as want to read.

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  1. Chris DiMarco says:

    I love your incredibly clear blog essays critiquing Sam Harris’ work! Keep up the amazing work!

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