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On being thankful for the freely given kindness of others

Friendships begin with liking or gratitude – roots that can be pulled up Daniel Deronda (1876), by George Eliot Twice in my life I’ve been stood behind someone in a queue who has unwittingly dropped a £10 pound note. Both … Continue reading

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A Free Will Resource via Al Mele

Originally posted on A Philosopher's Take:
Al Mele, one of the most distinguished and recognizable philosophers writing on free will has launched a new blog where he plans to field questions and generate discussion a few times a week…

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Touring the Veritable Museum of Mistakes: Thoughts on Dennett on Harris on Free Will

Philosopher Dan Dennett has recently taken Sam Harris to task over his arguments for rejecting the concept of free will. Here are my thoughts on this intellectual fallout. Sam Harris is perhaps the most prominent defender of the claim that … Continue reading

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This Is How We Do It: Exploring the Psychology of Culture

Social life is powerfully shaped by rules of culture. But how do we acquire these rules, and why are we so prone to do so? Recent research is shedding light on these questions, and showing how we use culture to … Continue reading

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Why Sam Harris is confused about free will

Sam Harris has been lured into talking about free will again. He says he has resisted writing about this topic since publishing The Moral Landscape and the short book Free Will because he felt he had said all there was … Continue reading

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I like you ’cos you’re like me – or why my enemy’s enemy is my friend

Kids’ social instincts emerge early [1,2]. Newborns prefer to look at human faces over other inanimate objects, especially attractive faces. Soon after, babies begin to evaluate the social actions of others: at three months they prefer to play with toy … Continue reading

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Moral mindsets: how remembering our past actions drives our future behaviour

We all know we should eat better, but it’s hard work to cut out saturated fats and processed sugars completely. Most of us try to achieve some kind of balance: if we’ve been eating fruit, veg, and bean salads all day, we … Continue reading

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