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Touring the Veritable Museum of Mistakes: Thoughts on Dennett on Harris on Free Will

Philosopher Dan Dennett has recently taken Sam Harris to task over his arguments for rejecting the concept of free will. Here are my thoughts on this intellectual fallout. Sam Harris is perhaps the most prominent defender of the claim that … Continue reading

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Why Sam Harris is confused about free will

Sam Harris has been lured into talking about free will again. He says he has resisted writing about this topic since publishing The Moral Landscape and the short book Free Will because he felt he had said all there was … Continue reading

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The selfish, cheating upper classes

When cycling around town, I’m often cut off by drivers who fail to indicate where they’re going. I’ve frequently noted to myself that these drivers are sat behind the wheel of flashy cars, which elicits thoughts along the lines of, … Continue reading

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When psychologists simulate murder – and what it tells us

“Here is something you can’t understand, …How I could just kill a man” ‘How I Could Just Kill A Man’, by Cypress Hill Could you put a weighty, replica gun to someone’s head and pull the trigger? This is just … Continue reading

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Moral hypocrisy, and how to avoid it

We’re all capable of moral double standards, but what’s the psychological basis of this uniquely human skill? At the beginning of 2005, Ted Haggard’s stock was high and rising. Time magazine had just included him on a ‘Top 25’ chart … Continue reading

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Distributive justice: the evolution of an instinct

The story of humanity is one of working together, of pooling our efforts to achieve more than possible alone. For millennia we teamed up to hunt, build homes, defend communities, raise children, harvest crops and tend cattle; today, some of … Continue reading

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Mimicry — an antidote to racial prejudice?

Could something as simple as imitating the bodily motions of other people reduce prejudice against those same people? A new paper by Michael Inzlicht, Jennifer N. Gutsell and Lisa Legault, published online in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, suggests … Continue reading

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