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Dan Jones is a freelance science writer

The Triumph of Experimental Philosophy

Great news for anyone interested in the young but growing field of experimental philosophy (X-Phi) – here’s a story I just wrote for the British Psychological Society’s Research Digest blog on the success of X-Phi.  

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A difference of opinion

A new paper offers insights into the psychology and intuitions of our epistemological beliefs, and adds to a growing body of research that challenges traditional philosophical practice Disagreements are as varied as they are common. Sometimes we lock horns over … Continue reading

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Life and the meaning of death

I only just got around to watching this interview, by science writer John Horgan, with Sheldon Solomon, one of the architects of ‘terror-management theory’ – an attempt to explain how we cope with the existential terror created by the knowledge … Continue reading

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On how to be completely wrong about radicalisation: the curious case of Jerry Coyne

On his popular blog Why Evolution Is True, Jerry Coyne – eminent evolutionary biologist, outspoken atheist, and unrelenting critic of Islam – recently found time between posting pictures of his new boots and the food he’s been eating to wade … Continue reading

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Explaining violent extremism

Thirteen years into the ‘War on Terror’, and confusion still reigns about the roots of radicalisation. The horrors visited on the streets on Paris on January 7 are the latest entry in the tragic catalogue of violence committed by Islamist … Continue reading

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Beyond belief: On the ethics of killing

Why Sam Harris’s argument that it’s ethically OK to kill people for what they believe still doesn’t stack up. It’s not uncommon for a polemicist’s words to come back to haunt them, as Sam Harris knows all too well. For … Continue reading

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Owning our mistakes

To err is human; to forgive, divine. Somewhere in between sits the willingness to admit when we’ve done wrong, and to take ownership of our transgressions against others. This is the crucial ingredient of a sincere apology and the first … Continue reading

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